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Training and Staff Development Professionals, Garment Manufacturing Master Trainer

  • Full Time
  • Bhaisepati
  • > NRs 50,000
  • 1
  • Day
  • Technical: >10 year
  • Non-Technical: >10 year

Job purpose: To carry out and improve upon Purnaa’s sewing production skill training systems both introductory training and ongoing training, to ensure continuous skill improvement of Purnaa production, sampling, and QC staff; to provide leadership for other skill trainers and to transfer teaching/planning skills to Purnaa staff to continue this work into the future.


Key responsibilities and accountabilities: 

  • Create a skills training program and all materials and records needed including
    • Cutting Track, Sewing Track, Packing, QC Track, Sampling Track, Trainer Track
    • Machine Maintenance for appropriate people,
    • Work toward digitizing most skill training information and materials, as well as having a hard copy available to Purnaa skill trainers
    • Work with a translator to make all skill training documents and materials bilingual
  • Support and train Purnaa’s Production Skill Trainers in conducting the training program
    • Includes: Production Floor Manager and Assistant Manager, Sewing Team Leaders, Sample Team Leader, QC Team Leader, Cutting Team Leader
  • Monitor Purnaa’s skill training efforts and accomplishments, report via KPI & Milestone reports


Special Project: Research and recommend ways to improve manufacturing capacity and efficiency. Share with appropriate department head and help make implementation plans.


Special Projects: Research how to measure manufacturing skill level that can be tied to compensation. Share with appropriate department head and help make implementation plans.


Additional Responsibilities as an Expert at Purnaa:


  • Train company staff in pattern-making, ensuring company uses latest technology solution and processes.
  • Ensure company manufacturing process follows global standards for efficiency and quality
  • Develop curriculum for training future design, sampling, and production staff at company and teach company trainers to implement the curriculum.


  • Professional
  • Teaching
  • Computer
  • Manufacturing
  • Sewing
  • Factory

- Must have worked at least 10 years as a Garment Technical Trainer or Consultant; work abroad and work with social enterprises preferred.

- Demonstrated experience establishing production lines and training staff to implement new production techniques

- Demonstrated experience creating training curriculum and systems to increase production capacity and quality

- Must have an expert understanding of design, pattern-making, sampling, cutting and sewing on industrial machines

- Needs experience in coaching, mentoring and teaching in the garment manufacturing sector.

- Must have excellent written and spoken English to communicate with international team

  • Higher Secondary or Diploma (+2 or diploma)




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